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David Akers is one of those incredibly rare people who personifies those qualities under the intense scrutiny of playing in the National Football League. The hard work and perseverance paid off when David was cut three times before defining his career with the Philadelphia Eagles. Being served walking papers in Atlanta, Carolina and Washington, intertwined with jobs as a substitute teacher and waiter, provided David with an early dose of reality. Those early hardships formed the foundation of this truly humble man. He is a the six-time Pro Bowler, playoffs ten times, played in seven NFC Championship games and two Super Bowls. 

David's faith has become increasingly stronger. Once only guided by Christ, David is still guided but now also leads. A licensed Reverend, he has performed baptisms and a wedding ceremony, and has given Christian messages to audiences both large and small. As a professional athlete, he remains a very active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and performed pregame team prayers and chapels for the 49ers. David also speaks frequently at churches, men's groups and high schools on being a man of character and faith.

David has launched “Kicks for Kids” with the mission to provide the opportunity for kids pursue their dreams. His other programs are “Fields of Dreams” and “David’s Locker”.   Come out and listen to David ask his testimony and faith in God on August 21st, at Faith Night at the Robertson County Fair.

NFL Player David Akers
NFL Player David Akers